Re: [討論] 大家覺得,djoko那球,時速大概多少

作者: iliketea (洨狒狒)   2020-09-10 16:36:52
有人試算了一下,約 64mph = 102.99802kph
He is standing 41' from her. It took the ball about .45 sec to reach her.
That ball was traveling at 64 mph, with no notice and completely
unanticipated. I challenge any who are criticizing her to go on a court and
simulate getting hit at like this then report back how it felt. And make sure
you take a clean hit to the throat.
※ 引述《asdf3164 (芷柔)》之銘言:
: 完全沒落地
: 球拋離手
: 平射過去
: 職業選手的輕輕一拍
: 應該等於一般人用點力去拍
: 有人研究過這球的時速嗎?
作者: cruisewu2003 (小克)   2020-09-10 16:45:00

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