Re: [情報] A. Davis最快12月中被交易到湖人

作者: TRFgee (ASIAGODGEE)   2018-12-06 04:06:57
※ 引述《sth336 (S-Dub)》之銘言:
: Rumors about New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis being traded have been swirling since August 2018. Davis, who is eligible to opt-out of his contract in 2020 and hit free-agency has the choice to ink a five-year, $235 supermax contract with New Orleans this upcoming summer.
: As New Orleans sits No. 13 in the Western Conference with a 12-13 record, the Pelicans may have other plans. A new rumor has hit the league that Davis may be shipped to Los Angeles to team up with LeBron James and the Lakers as soon as within a few weeks. The trade, supposedly, will be a three-time blockbuster deal between New Orleans, Los Angeles, and the Orlando Magic.
: According to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, the trade would entail a number of movable parts from each team, including valuable players and draft picks. Three Lakers player mentioned in the rumor include guard Lonzo Ball, guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and forward Brandon Ingram. Robinson also noted that the blockbuster deal could occur “as soon as Dec. 15.”
: There are a number of players in the deal. Davis, Elfrid Payton and Ian Clark from New Orleans; Ball, Caldwell-Pope, and Ingram from Los Angeles; Nikola Vucevic from Orlando.
: Even before the Davis-to-Los Angeles rumor began, Los Angeles signed a number of veteran players like Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, Michael Beasley, and Rajon Rondo to one-year deals worth the veteran’s minimum to save in the salary cap. This, of course, is so they could make a run at players like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and other big names who are free-agents in 2019.
: Robinson is not the only well-known reporter to announce Davis may be traded to Los Angeles. Chris Sheridan of also tweeted about the rumor.
: In early November, Davis hired agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, the same agent who represents ames and a number of NBA stars like Ben Simmons, John Wall, J.R. Smith, and Eric Bledsoe.
: Although no major news outlets have hopped on any Davis-to-Los Angeles rumors, Robinson is credited with being one of the first reporters to announce James signing with the Lakers in July 2018 and is very respected in the business. This past week, Robinson also correctly reported Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz’s nerve injury in his shoulder and neck.
: It is obvious Lakers president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka are gunning to land big-names alongside James through trades or in free-agency. If the Davis trade were to fall through, expect them to be gung-ho in the summer of 2019.
: 大意:
: 我湖最快將在12/15跟鵜鶘和魔術做3方交易並得到A.Davis
: 我湖會出球哥,KCP,跟Ingram
: 鵜鶘會出Davis,E.Payton, ian Clark
: 魔術會出Vucevic
: 消息來源為記者Robinson跟Chris Sheridan,其中Robinson還是今年第一個透漏Lebron會跟湖人簽約的記者,也報導出Fultz的神經壓迫的傷勢,所以消息應該算可靠
: 心得:
: 看來我湖王朝要來了
: 明年再簽下一個頂級側翼球員組3巨頭
: 就算勇士沒解體也不怕了
作者: ellisteng145 (Ellis)   2018-12-06 04:11:00
作者: purpleforest (紫悠林)   2018-12-06 04:30:00
太有道理 湖人小將未來無限 只換個AD便宜剃鬍了 湖人小虧
作者: CS0000000000 (喵老師ASMR)   2018-12-06 05:23:00
作者: ricky469rick (龍龍)   2018-12-06 07:06:00
作者: jack19931993 (三無少年)   2018-12-06 07:32:00
字母第二年就開始兌現天賦了好嗎 而且數據至今還在持續提升
作者: hijodedios36 (boyoung)   2018-12-06 08:26:00
作者: AustinPowers (Yeah~baby Yeah~~)   2018-12-06 10:10:00
勇士沒能冠軍,其他隊能分紅? 有這種事?
作者: vincecarterx (超複雜)   2018-12-06 10:55:00
湖迷過了二十年 水準怎麼還是一樣低
作者: fantasyscure (台灣狼)   2018-12-06 14:35:00
AD實在很全能 鵜鶘真的願意交易?

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